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G.Fluid is an international acting, innovative company, which develops, produces and distributes hydraulic valves...

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The main product range is: cartridge valves; valves flanged upon hydraulic motors, customer-individual special valves, complete systems.

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Via Gabriele D'Annunzio, 339, 41123 Modena. Italy

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Cartridge valves - Solenoid valves - SX001
MAX FLOW: 150l/min - 39.6gpm
MAX PRESSURE: 35Mpa - 5076psi
Motion control valves - Valve systems - GVU-P-SE-14
MAX FLOW: 20l/min - 5.3gpm
MAX PRESSURE: 35Mpa - 5076psi
Miscellaneous - Valves for motors - GVF-C-2VB-38-HK
MAX FLOW: 60l/min - 16gpm
MAX PRESSURE: 5Mpa - 5076psi

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10 June 2010 - Modena
New cartridge valve PM022
You can find the data sheet for our new valve PM022 in "Cartridge valves", chapter "Pressure control valves".

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